Pre-Order Terms & Conditions

Pre-Order Terms & Conditions


By Customer Demand
Our Pre-Order page is currently being redesigned to offer you preorder product availability by month. For example; when you visit our Pre-Order Collection, at the top of the page you find the links for each upcoming month of the year. On each month’s page you will find every single item that will begin shipping during that specified period.

These terms & conditions do not always apply to backorders.

We do offer Pre-Orders, now available with several different Brands. Preorder items are located in our Pre-Order Collection. Many of these products will allow you to purchase when you click “Preorder.” Some items have multiple variations (colors or styles) with some variants being in-stock but, the preorder variants in the same product will show out of stock. If you wish to place a preorder on one of these “out of stock” preorders you will need to contact us to have it placed manually.
Due to COVID, our Care Reps are telecommuting, therefore, our regular office phones are not in use so you may reach out to us via email, leave your number in the message, and one of these awesome Care agents will contact you by phone.

How do I place an order for a Pre-Order item?

To place a Pre-Order, you must contact us using the form on this page or we also have this same form that can be submitted directly from the Pre-Order Collection page. The image below will be an example of what you will need to enter into the contact form fields.
First you will need the style name. The style name in the image is outlined in Pink. You will see it at least twice on the product page.
Next you will need to tell us the Exact Color the item is labeled as. This is found in Blue.
Then, of course, we’ll need the size, outlined in Green. Pleaser does not have half sizes so if you’re a half-size (i.e. 7 1/2) you’ll need to take the next size up (i.e. 8).
You see? Very easy. After you submit your form our Orders Department will send you an invoice by email with a link to pay for your Pre-Order. Once you’ve paid for the item, you’ll receive notification that you are on the waiting list for the item and will receive it when it’s released.
Please note that the price on Pre-Order items is subject to change once it is in stock. What this means is that when the item is released the price is likely to change. In most cases the price is increased by a few dollars, however, in some cases the prices can increase dramatically based on pre-order volume. If you order as a pre-order, your price is locked in. You will not be charged extra for the difference because you actually ordered the item Before the price change. But once the item is released by the manufacturer any price changes are permanent from that point on unless altered by Pleaser. We are obligated to charge a minimum price for all Pleaser shoes and Pleaser decides the prices. As it is, our prices are already listed at Pleaser’s minimum.

When will I get my preordered items?

We are given an Estimated Time of Arrival by the manufacturer when to expect the styles to have completed production. These ETA’s may change at any time and for any number of reasons. Your receipt is emailed to you after paying for your item and, if the manufacturer has given us an ETA, it will be noted on your receipt. The wait time could be anything from a day or two to several months. Please be aware that preorder volume can increase the wait times and preorders are shipped first come-first served and the manufacturer has a limited number of items in production. If your order came in too late for the first run, it will immediately be added to the second run.
Feel free to contact us at if you’d like to know the ETA before placing your preorder.
To get information on the status of an existing Pre-Order reach out to us at

Can I cancel my Pre-Order?

Pre-Orders can be cancelled at any time, up until production is closed. Once the item ships to our store it can no longer be cancelled because as soon as we get notice of inbound Pre-Orders they are automatically repackaged for transport to you upon arrival.

Can I exchange my Pre-Order?

As long as it’s never been worn or used and is in NEW, sellable condition we can exchange it for a different size.
Please note, we are do not sell used merchandise, therefore we cannot accept returns/exchanges on used items. Please see our Return Policy for more details.
Pleaser is the Worldwide leading brand in exotic dancer footwear, platform heels, and alternative footwear. As such, if Pleaser makes it, we sell it. We have hundreds of high heels, flats, goth punk, retro, boot, and sandal styles on our site. If it’s not on our site and is still available from the manufacturer, you may request the item by emailing us directly, or even using the form on this and our Pre-Order Collection page. Most likely the reason we don’t have them on our site is because they are discontinued, but may still be in stock with the manufacturer. However, we do not have many styles listed on our site from some of Pleaser’s other brands.
We are working on updating Pleaser Pink Label to add the full line of these products to our site in order to serve our Drag community better. Pleaser Pink Label ranges in women’s shoe sizes of 5-16 in order to ensure proper sizing for our Badass Queens. In the meantime, we accept orders for items not online in our store via the same method as Pre-Orders.