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Hello, hello, hello, my lovelies! Foxy is back in the house and I don’t know about you, but I am sooooo over the cold!

Wedding Seasons

So, check it, Spring is right around the corner and we all know what that means. Love is almost in the air, which also means it’s time to prepare. 

Statistically speaking, the majority of weddings in the US occur between the months of May and October. Whereas the majority of those are in the end of Spring and beginning of Autumn.

According to Stevie Ray Entertainment website

Why do you think this is? Yes, I’m ’bout to tell you my theory. We all want a hot wedding night, right? But, us ladies are terrified of our makeup looking too runny. We also don’t want to drown our features in a dress or cover the dress up with a coat.

The Perfect Dress:

I gathered info from more than 20 articles about most desired wedding gown features.
A fit and flare gown is very big right now. This one is actually my fav too. I’ll explain more below in My Opinion.
The high, sheer, jewelled neck is a huge fan fav. The sheer to semi-sheer tulle or mesh allows for some skin exposure without the risk of looking immodest. The jewels reflect the light that enhances your own skin and cleavage beneath but reflects the light at the same time, actually taming your nudity even more. Another feature I agree with.
Although, I’ve discovered that the majority of brides not only want exquisite detail of epic proportions, there is still the classic slim satin gown with narrow skirt and long train, that is almost as popular.
In other words, they want everything or super simple. Both styles can be very elegant and stunning. Both can be everything you ever dreamed of

My Opinion:

I’m a bit top heavy myself, but I’m also very curvy in the lower half with a tiny waist. Now, if I were to get married, I certainly wouldn’t want to look trashy! But I most definitely would want to entice my groom with my femininity. I also love frills and sparklies, so a big skirt that hangs low on my waist and perfectly forms to show the flare of my hips. Maybe strapless or spaghetti straps with a deep plunge to outline my cleavage overlaid with a medium sheer mesh or tulle to create somewhat a veil of modesty so there’s little more than a peek of what’s underneath. Oh, and you can never forget the beads and crystal. These would be must have necessities for my wedding, otherwise, it ain’t happnin’! I want him hot and flustered, so much so, that he’s literally counting the minutes until we’re alone.

Which segues into Lavender’s Dream’s reason for this topic, the Lingerie…

Bridal Lingerie