Red Hot, Sexy New Styles

Playful Promises

OMG, have I got something really F****** Hot for you!
Okay, so for all y’all newbies out there my name’s Foxy and I’m the Dream Team’s writer, author, and all around fun-lovin’ party gal. So here’s the dealio:
In case y’all haven’t noticed Lavender’s Dream is undergoing some major changes. We’re upgrading, updating and expanding. 
You see we’ve recently begun stocking designer, luxury, high-end lingerie. What makes the quality so much better is the sheer size ranges, not to mention the detail and intricacy of these gorgeous pieces. (If you haven’t figured out what new brands I’m referring to….) Well, I guess I’ll just have to reiterate. Playful Promises is our newest luxury designer. With them they bring Wolf & Whistle, Hustler, and several other major players in the adult industry. 
One thing I really like is Gabi Fresh by Playful Promises. This is really sexy lingerie for all of our Big Beauties out there. Ladies… and Gents, we can now present sexy, comfortable and Fully Functional lingerie in Plus Sizes going all the way up to size 24. Not only will it look great on you, it’ll fit like a dream and offer the support we all need.

Dita Von Teese

So now that I’ve told you a bit about Playful Promises, let me introduce you to a brand that has only just arrived today… Dita Von Teese.
First, I have to say these styles also have a huge size range for the bust. Okay, back to the blog…
I doubt you’ll be prepared for this. Social media diva, Dita Von Teese designed her vintage line of lingerie, inspired by several sources. Some of her styles, displayed in delicate tulle, trimmed with sensual velvet or silky satin, and detailed embroidery, contrast against the body as though it’s drawn directly onto the skin. Other styles create an ethereal appearance on the body, with beautiful Leaver’s lace layered over mesh. With so many different moods to choose from, you will always feel glorious wrapped in Dita Von Teese. 
Though, on the pricier side, the sheer femininity of these pieces is worth every penny. For you’ll always feel luxurious and beautiful in this lingerie. I don’t know about you, but with me, I’m a harsh judge on my appearance in lingerie (blame all my nasty insecurties) but, when I feel beautiful, I feel confident. That’s what makes me fall in love with my lingerie.
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