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Hiya, Dreamer’s! Foxy here, and I’d like to take a few minutes to introduce you to the brands that populate our store with absolutely, amazing apparel & accessories. We carry styles from several different manufacturers in order to give you a large selection of individually unique and inspiring products that are beautiful to behold and easy on the wallet. Though some of our rave wear & club wear are more high-end price-wise, even our lower cost products sacrifice nothing on quality. This is why we choose to carry the following brand names; to maintain high quality at an affordable cost while rivaling the competition in style. 

This section of our site is designed to give you a more intimate view of where our products come from, an understanding of the care of our customers through quality lingerie, shoes, rave wear, swimwear, athletic wear, accessories, & so much more. I’d like to bring the facts home to you, as an audience, rather than a customer so you can gain familiarity in what we’re a part of when we offer you this apparel. 

Please click on the Logos and images below to read notes and stories from the manufacturer.