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Why choose to buy from Lavender’s Dream versus other online retailers for your rave & club wear, lingerie, sexy shoes, costumes, swimwear, and exotic dance (stripper) apparel?

This is an easy question to answer!

  • Customer Service:

    At Lavender’s Dream we are a relatively small business and we’re still young. Our staff is highly dedicated to your satisfaction as a customer. Every single one of our customer’s is very important to us and we strive to show them. Because our entire staff works very closely together, immediate customer relations are not typically lost in the mix. We’re able to work as a team to ensure quality customer care.

  • Products:

    We have an absolutely humongous catalog of stunning products for nearly anyone. If you’re looking for something to suit your unique, quirky personality, we can guarantee we have it. Any array of color or fun style you can imagine is right here, in our store. Our store started off catering strictly to the stripper community. Next, we branched to the LGBTQ community. From word of mouth we were able to grow and encompass a larger range of people interested in our products. Due to this growth, we’ve expanded our catalogs regularly, adding new Brands and manufactures to our product catalog. Now, our store contains over 7,000 products and styles to choose from in Rave & Club Wear, Lingerie, Swimwear, Shoes, Costumes, Exotic Dancewear, and Accessories.

  • Quality:

    Quality products, quality customer care, and quality prices. Everything a retailer is will always boil down to one thing; Quality. And we have it in spades. Every person on our team is completely committed to making sure we meet a rigorous standard in all things. Each step of an order’s lifecycle must pass a series of steps and inspections. Even our products undergo 3 inspection stages prior to shipment to ensure every customer gets their perfect product. Occasionally, we may miss something, we are still human, and when this happens we go above and beyond to rectify any errors by refunds or credits, exchanges or returns, upgraded or free shipping, and much much more.

    If you have any issues with your order or placing your order, you may contact us by call/text at 888-551-2551 or email at


    Do you have in store or local pick-up?


    We do but, due to Coronavirus, our physical locations are closed indefinitely. The two of our warehouses located in California are also closed indefinitely.


    Do you carry Plus Sizes?


    Absolutely! We have Plus Size lingerie, rave & club wear, and we even carry Plus Size shoes.


    Can I return lingerie?


    Excellent question! By law, due to Federal Safety and Hygiene regulations, any product that covers an intimate area may not be resold. So if an item is returned it has to be in new condition. As long as the manufacturer’s packaging has not been opened we can accept a return or an exchange. Or if the item is damaged and the damage was not due to shipping or customer error, we can accept it. Please review our full Refund/Return Policy.


    How do I return an item I ordered that’s damaged or faulty?


    You’ll need to contact us to get an RMA#. Once you receive the number, you’ll need to write it on your package. To get a refund/return or make an exchange you need to thoroughly read our Refund Policy.


    Do you have thong bikinis that are beach legal?


    Absolutely! Many beaches require 3” bottom as a minimum, others only require 2”, and some allow micro G-String. The 3” bikini bottom, otherwise known as a Brazillian cut bikini, is a very popular piece in our store and we carry thong, G-String, and micro G-String bathing suits, as well. We even have full-body or one piece thong swimsuits. To read more about this topic, click HERE to view our Dream Blog post Bitchin’ Beach Body (Pt 1).


    Do you have Festival clothes?


    Yes, most definitely! Our biggest selling products are in the Firefly collection. You can view them by clicking HERE.


    Do you have Light-Up clothes?


    Yes, we sure do. Most of our Light-Up LED apparel can be found in our Firefly collection, though we have LED Light-Up shoes, too.


    Besides shoes, what do you have for strippers?


    We are a one stop shop for all things Exotic Dancer. We have your pasties, stage costumes or outfits, body gems, and more. Even if your club has a dancers dress code, we’ll have what you need. We also have thongs and shorts designed for dancers.


    Do you sell Adult Toys?


    No, we do not carry sex toys, such as dildos, vibrators, etc., but we do carry bedroom props and accessories.


    Do you carry Bondage apparel?


    Yes! We have many S & M products, not just apparel. In addition to our S & M, Bondage clothing, we have whips, crops, paddles, harnesses (chains and cuffs), many different kinds.


    Do you have costumes for men?


    Yes, we do. Though our online selection of men’s costumes is not very extensive we do have many to choose from. A digital catalog is available upon request.


    Do you have costumes for children?


    We do not have them on our website. But, we do sell them on demand. Digital catalogs are available on request.