Ooh La La ~ Introducing Aubade French Lingerie

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Hello, again Dreamer’s. Foxy is back to step you into the European way of lingerie. Introducing Aubade!
Okay, my Lovelies, I must admit, Aubade isn’t the first European, in fact, we’ve already added Playful Promises and all of their featured brands; they’re imported from the UK, though.
Anywho, I used to ask what made French lingerie so great and how come it’s the most coveted in the world. How many of you Dreamers out there ask this all the time? A lot, right? Well, most people just skip right over it and keep on wonderin’ just cuz those damned prices are freakin’ crazy! But, ooohohohohoho, not me, not anymore! Hot damn, is it worth every penny!
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Before you ask, let me tell you, I’m not made of money, I don’t even get paid much so I don’t get to splurge often. But, when I saw the catalogs, I demanded to get in on the action. So in the near future, I’ll be updating this blog because I get a big discount if I model my set.

And I’m not the only one! Read “Specials for Aubade” below for some really awesome offers that you won’t find anywhere else! 
And notice how I mention price a lot, when talking about Aubade. It’s because so many people may be afraid to risk it. But, don’t be, and here’s why:

Specials for Aubade

Anyone who purchases Aubade from Lavender’s Dream, (online, by phone, by email, or in person), models it, and posts an image on the reviews, comments, or this blog post comments, will get up to 20% off their order, Opale TC92 TC20either in the form of cash-back or as a store credit to be used toward a new order!
I say up to 20% for a reason. Rae, our CEO is looking for everyday people to show that they love us and the items we carry. So depending on how many pieces you model and post (just bra, bra and panty, bra with panty and waist cincher or a piece in one or more different styles) will determine the discount. For example, if modeling one piece you’ll earn 5%, two pieces will earn 10%, three will earn 15%, and four or more will earn 20% off not one, but two orders!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

The Dream Team is also fully aware of the prices and expectations for these beautiful items so LD is offering a Satisfaction Guarantee on any of these orders.
Here’s the dealio:
A lot of us get buyers remorse, y’all know what I mean.;) So since Aubade is another Pre-Order brand, you may cancel your order at absolutely anytime before it ships with a 100% refund. If you have your buyers remorse once you receive the item, you may still send it back to us with a 100% refund of the purchase cost as long as the item is unopened and manufacturer’s packaging hasn’t been tampered with.

Awesome, so far, right? Well, there’s more! What if it doesn’t fit? Maybe you just don’t like that style on you… Lavender’s Dream is offering hassle free exchanges with postage paid shipping labels. If you need to exchange it, it’s unworn and undamaged, you got it. No questions asked!

Please remember, it is imperative that Returns/Exchanges be in the exact same condition that you received it in, otherwise they cannot be accepted as returns or exchanges for hygiene purposes.

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