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A Beach Body or a Bikini Body Tan Ready and Fun Lovin’

Hello, again, Dreamer’s. I hope y’all are staying safe! So I’m going to discuss a somewhat touchy subject today. If any of y’all out there are anything, at all, like me, you’re almost bald by now. Seriously, guys & gals. I’m pulling my hair out! So stir crazy I don’t ever wanna see my Playstation again. “Shelter In Place,” is not an easy concept and I’m sure many of you are probably ‘bout sick of “sheltering.” So I’m going to impart to you great knowledge in anticipation of a Great National Breakout.


Although, a lot of us don’t get to get to the beach often, it’s still something that nearly all of us find a way to do at some point or another. Today, I’ll give you a few examples of my personal favorite styles, found right here in Lavender’s Dream, of course. We’ll also discuss a few major topics that have everyone buzzing once it comes time to get that bikini body. I’ll ask and answer some of the biggest questions out there and, if any of you have a question you want posted here, I’ll have it added.

I’m going to start with Thong Bikinis & Brazilian Bikinis

What is a Brazilian Bikini?

A Brazilian bikini, Brazilian cut swimsuit, or cheeky bottom bathing suit are all the same thing but, sometimes “cheeky” can be a thong (I’ll provide product images of both). A bathing suit can be a whole one piece swimsuit and still be Brazilian cut. When you hear someone talking about a “cheeky bikini” or “Brazilian cut” they are strictly referring to the cut of the butt. A cheeky bikini bottom is typically 3 inches wide or more. Right around the width of your hand. Although this can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The product on the left (MP6513) we have a popular Brazilian cut bikini set. On the right (MP6905) we have a cheeky bikini bottom that’s also a thong. If you like either of these products, you can view them by clicking on the image. You can view any of the products in this blog by doing so. Mix and match tops and bottoms separates can be found in our store, too.

To view our bikini set, click HERE!

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MP6513 - Two Piece Brazilian Cut BikiniMP6905 - South Beach Cheeky Bikini Panty

Are Cheeky Bikinis appropriate for the beach? Are Thong Bikinis legal?

There are beach standards for legal width of bathing suit bottoms in every state. These are real laws that women can actually get arrested for Indecent Exposure if the law is violated. It’s always important to know the swimwear regulations for any beach you plan on visiting if you plan on wearing a thong or a Brazilian swimsuit. Most beaches in Florida do NOT allow a thong bikini, however, in Miami, thongs are the most popular typ of bikini! Many women even go topless on South Beach (Me, Me, Me, I did! Exibitionism can be really fun, guys) even though, technically, it’s not legal. As for the thongs, the law requires them to be 2” thick but, as with the laws about being topless, the 2” law is rarely enforced. Fun lil tidbit for ya, there are a bunch of Nude beaches in Florida and many of them are the polar opposite of your regular beach. Meaning; you’ll get kicked off the beach if you have a single scrap of clothing on, including a thong! Some of these are clothing optional, however. I never went to one of these, though.

In the image below, we have a thong bikini that meets the 2” requirements. 

MP6580 - Two Piece Thong Bikini

What kind of One Piece Bathing Suit for women will look best on my body?

Okay, Dreamer’s, this is one of our hardest things to figure out. It’s important that you don’t get discouraged, though. Some of us have apple bottoms, some pear, some are more top heavy. One piece swimsuits help make a shy woman more comfortable than a bikini but, we still wanna feel beautiful and sexy. No one goes out with the purpose of being ugly, right? Unless, of course, it’s Halloween or some such occasion. So maybe I can help with a lil perspective on the topic. 

  • For women with large hips a sexy high cut one piece swimsuit can go a long way but, still not for everyone with large hips. I should definitely say that I would never choose a low-cut leg in this situation. So medium or high cut, depending on your specific body type. A cut-out one piece swimsuit would look great on you, especially it the sides are cut out. It will be a great way to accentuate your curves. If you’re also top heavy, the cut-out bathing suits will usually show off your “Coke Bottle Figure.” If you select the right style it’ll smooth your body appearance so your curves aren’t over the top but, elegant and sensual and classy.
  • Apple bottom’s, to enhance your natural assets choose one piece bathing suit with a low-cut leg that will round your bottom naturally. If you’re looking for a cut-out swimsuit, stick with front or back cut-outs. If you’re smaller in the chest and feeling frisky, you have the perfect body for a deep “V” one piece bathing suit. For all you busty beauties out there, ya may wanna avoid the deep “V”. It could really take away from your waist and you don’t want that. Plus, you may spill out. C-cup Divas, you can pretty much get away with anything. It seems like most designers and manufacturers have you in mind when they make their designs because it always seems to fit perfectly.
  •  For women with a big butt and not so big hips, a high-cut leg is best to give your lower half a rounder appearance and even enhance your backside. It also slims out the waist. I, myself, fit into this category. So this is the one I can explain the best. If you’re going for a saucy one piece, go with cut-outs or even one piece separates (multi-piece swimwear that fits together to provide the coverage of a one piece or the look of one) that have side ties. When you tie the bow it adds to the width of your hips or hides that you may not have much width in them. Side tie bikini and one pieces are my favorites. Lace up one pieces are another good choice because they provide that same side tie feature.

Below we have a few different options but, there are so many to choose from. I know you’ll find your perfect style if you check out all of our One Piece Swimsuits HERE!

MP6588 - High-Cut One Piece Cut-Out Swimsuit    MP6533 - Deep V One Piece Swimsuit for Apple Bottoms    EM82267 - Lycra monokini with lace up detail

Okay, y’all’s, we’ve talked a bit about cheeky & Brazilian cut bathing suits and one pieces. Just to throw you a little extra info; high waisted bikinis are really Hot, right now. Many of you reading this may be looking for this specific style and, even though I didn’t mention it in this blog before now, we do have them in the store.

I intend to cover more on this topic in the very near future, btw. Obviously, there’s so much more to discuss than the few questions I got to today. 

Speaking of which; I wanna give a shot out and a thank you to Kayla M. for sending these questions to us and requesting we do a blog just for this. As always, we welcome questions, comments, and constructive criticism. If you would like to send in some questions and have us dedicate a detailed response for them, we’re happy to do so. Remember Dreamer’s, your questions are the same as many others and whatever you ask may help the next person get the answers they need. We’re happy to oblige.

For our next blog on this subject, we’ll be discussing fitness and weightloss and you’ll be able to find it in our 360° Body Beautiful Experience Blog. To keep an eye out for our next excerpt, click HERE! To can get updated automatically by subscribing to our feeds.

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Thank you, Dreamer’s, for reading my rant. We love you all and are here to serve!

Foxy, over and out!


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