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Dita Von Teese Bio

Dita Von Teese Bio

“I fell in love with the beauty and femininity of lingerie from a young age. For me, it signaled a right of passage into womanhood and it has become the foundation for my entire career, instilling confidence in me, and making each day more glamorous. I first started working in a lingerie store as a teenager, and since then, it’s been my fantasy to create beautifully nostalgic lingerie that is also functional and wearable for everyday moments of luxury and glamour. It‘s a pleasure for me to present my lingerie collection to you.”

~ Dita Von Teese

Spring 2021 Collection

Hot on the heels of her global burlesque tour Dita launches her Spring 2021 lingerie collection.
The fashion icon and lingerie entrepreneur has designed new collections which are sure to enthrall.

For Spring, Dita works her magic with beautiful jewel tones and saturated colours such as magenta, flame, deep teal and dark cherry. Dita continues to work her delicate touch with beautiful sheer collections of embroidery and lace, each style showcases her fine attention to intricate detail.

“The Spring collection continues to focus on elegance and glamour.”


~ Dita Von Teese

Classic Collection

Dita’s versions of an everyday basic with her touch of glamour….

“Exquisite lace lingerie is an absolute essential tool in the art of seduction. Not only is lace flattering on every woman, it is timeless and elegant….Sophisticated yet erotic….Special care has been taken in the details of this lingerie, with dramatic styling to appreciate from every angle.”

-Dita Von Teese