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Allure Lingerie celebrates its 25th anniversary as a leading trend setter in the intimate apparel industry with the launch of its new line Adore by Allure, which fuses romanticism with sleek sexiness.

Adore is intoxicating high fashion lingerie & nightwear that is the culmination of creating glamorous seduction by combining lace, sheer, sequins, tulle and wet look in its unique creations that hit the sweet spot between tease and show.  Adore is redefining the perception of lingerie as being only worn ‘sometimes’ through its styles that easily traverse from the boudoir to nightwear, by layering with other outfits in your closet. Essentially Adore is recalibrating the art of injecting Lingerie into daily life. These decadent lingerie pieces enhance your every look and mood, making you look breathtakingly sexy and fabulous.

Adore is inspired by the woman who knows that she is the center of attention, the one who exudes sexiness and drama in all that she does and is the ultimate style icon of  her life. The woman who wears Adore doesn’t need a reason to wear lingerie; she wears it just because she feels like celebrating every moment. She is complicated and chaotic, but is always sexy.

Adore’s signature sheer bodies will entice the woman who wears them by adding an element of unpredictability, in that they can be worn as wildly sexy, glamorous or simply street chic.  However the Adore woman chooses to play with the styles, she will always create wardrobe envy with the trail of cinematic flair that transpires.

Women are always fascinated when they see celebrities wearing sexy red carpet designs mixed with ready to wear pieces, so it is from this inspiration that Adore makes this possible through its price accessibility without sacrificing the quality and beauty of its designs.  The Adore woman will wear each piece with a sense of carefree nonchalance, as if she just threw it on…(but she knows she looks absolutely fabulous.)

Adore invites you to add a playful approach to being glamorously sexy..always



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Check out all products by Allure